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Sure I write some content in Swedish, but no fret, I keep them in their own category ”Svenska”. In this category I only speak Swedish, about swedish subject matters, generally about piracy, freedom of speech, personal integrity, IPRED, ACTA, FRA and similar subject matters. Also I am happy to discuss the Pirate-party and the things that matter to them.

Some double posts happen, especially for subjects fitting into several categories.

Wait a minute! You are one of those ”pirate”-freaks aren’t you?

I sure am. And proud of it too. In the sense that ”piracy” as it has been painted in the media is a bad thing. Sure, Somalian pirates attack ships outside the coast of Somalia. My suggestion: stop going past the coast of Somalia for a while.

I am not Somalian, and I am not known to go yachting with machine guns.

I am a pirate, because I am a pirate-party member. The Pirate party is a Swedish political organisation that stands outside the normal political scale of left and right, or conservative-liberal and socaldemocratic-communistic, as it is in Sweden. We are so outside the system that the old-school parties have no idea what to make of us.

Sure, I have downloaded my fair share in my day. Heck I download every day. I can gladly tell you I have ”pirated” software, videos, music, LP’s, books and comic books. By pirated I mean ”copied without the consent of the rights holder”. I think most of us have to be fair. Just no one actually cared before. Did you flinch when your crush in high-school gave you a mixed tape? Did you ask where your friend got that uncensored version of ”Evil Dead” on VHS? Did you pay that guy in school that sorted you out with 300 games for your Amiga 500? Or have you asked your IT-guy where he got that copy of Windows for your home-machine he installed last week?

I feel that we the citizens are running scared from our governments and major corporations, simply because they are larger entities than us. We are simply too small to fight these guys when they feel like acting like bullies. ACTA, FRA, surveillence of citizens in general and other major changes that threatens our liberty and freedom. I want this nonsense to stop. People should be safe in their homes from prying eyes. That is why I support the Pirate party.
So are you a bunch of commies or what?

I don’t care about being able to download the latest movies or music. I gladly pay for that pleasure when the price is right. Market economy will sort it out on its own. The companies have started to realise this, and it will happen. That kind of piracy will go back to what it once was – something you did with your friends and not the whole world. Unfortunately the companies greedy lawyers want to make that impossible. Yes I blame the lawyers for this, because they can smell the money it means for them. Prosecuting your prospective customers is bad for business. (Oh yeah, I own legal copies of the Evil Dead too if you wonder.) People will pay for a product if they think the content and the quality is worth the price. If the price is too steep – then they will go somewhere else – and right now it is p2p networks. Generally the quality is better, the number of formats are staggering, and generally you can even find out of print copies too. The companies have lost control, and you can not put the genie back into the box. Roll with it I say.

So where do I stand on the political scale? Nowhere and everywhere. Imagine a scale from left to right, and from top to bottom. Right is fascism, left is communism. North is state control and south is anarchy.

I just have to quote Thomas Jefferson, a very wise man:

“I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever, in religion, in philosophy, in politics or in anything else, where I was capable of thinking for myself. Such an addiction is the last degradation of a free and moral agent. If I could not go to Heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all.”



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